Earn additional income, do more travelling!

Useful, relevant ads for your audience

Your audience appreciates quality content, and the same goes for the ads that are displayed alongside your posts. Why jeopardise the image of your website by displaying ‘weight loss’ or ‘magic pill’ ads for the sake of a couple of dollars?

We personally screen all potential advertisers to ensure that the products or services they are selling are of value to your audience. If it doesn’t look like a good fit, we’ll pass.

Maintain the integrity of your website

There is nothing worse than an ugly pop-up message appearing while you are trying to find valuable information on a website, which is why we ensure that all placements are neatly presented and well positioned so that they don’t detract from to your visitors experience.

Passive income so you can keep travelling

It’s the ultimate goal for many people; travel the world while making a nice bit of coin on the side. Our ad space is sold at a flat rate in monthly blocks. There’s nothing like a bit of bonus monthly income – especially if it can be put towards more adventures! Contact us now to find out how you can to start to earn money from your travel blog.

FREE setup. Once set, you can forget!

If you’re not too web savvy (or you would just prefer to spend your day on a beach somewhere in Central America…) then we can set up the advertising space and add the required code. Once everything is in place, that’s it! We manage the ad bookings and rotations, so you can focus on living the dream.

Platform designed for small to medium sites

Making money from a blog used to be reserved for the BIG sites, with huge amounts of traffic. Our platform is different. We personally select our partner sites as we believe the value of ad space isn’t just determined by page views, but also by the quality of content and influence that it has on its audience.

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