Targeted and cost-effective online advertising platform.

What is Facebook Advertising?

Targeted and cost-effective online advertising platform.

When you advertise on Facebook and Instagram, you get to learn your customers age, behaviour, interests and location. You'll save time and maximise your budget by doing targeted advertising to specific market segments you want to reach.

You get to display images and videos to provoke positive emotive responses from your customers and associate these with your brand. This is powerful advertising. If you haven't yet set up your social media accounts, or don't know where to start, get in touch with us.

Facebook Advertising Campaign Strategy

Getting Started with Social Media Ads

We create a strategy that works for you.

Social media ads will only work if they authentically represent your brand and align with your business goals. We'll take the time to learn and understand your business and customers. We'll then work on creative targeting, ad creation and data analysis so your ads evoke the right emotive responses and reach the right audiences. We'll analyse how the customers are responding to your ads, tinker and refine them if necessary so that every cent is well spent.

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Facebook Advertising Report

See Results from Facebook Advertising

Gain key metrics and see how your ads perform.

Our comprehensive report shows your ad performance, from its reach, engagement, click through rate, website traffic, number of conversions and much more. We use this report to better personalise the ads, create effective strategy and bring long term success for your business.

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Facebook Photo Ads Campaign

Photo Ads

Beautiful, high quality pictures that represent your brand.

Facebook Video Ads Campaign

Video Ads

Powerful and engaging moving images that captivate your audience.

Facebook Carousel Ads Campaign

Carousel Ads

Swipe through carousel displays your products and offerings.

Facebook Collection Ads Campaign

Collection Ads

Collection ads make it easy for people to discover, browse and purchase products.

Not sure which social ads campaign is right for you?

We provide sound digital solutions and customise the right advertising strategy tailored to your business. Get in touch with us today.


Why Island Media

Your campaign, your data
Have unrestricted access to your campaign data and use this to refine your campaigns.
Your business, your budget
Set your ad spend budget to align with your business goals.
Accountable Reporting
Gain insights and real time data on your ad performance.
Fair Pricing, No Surprises.
We tailor our services to suit your budget.

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