Upcoming Web design Trends for 2022

November 19, 2021  |  Written by Jocelyn Middlebrook  |   Design, Website

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Upcoming Web Design Trends for 2022

A variety of factors influence web design from aesthetics to functionality, mobile accessibility, and advancements in technology.

While some website trends come and go, it is important to keep mindful of them when designing your website. In doing so, you will be able to create a site that is attractive, accessible, and effective for running your business while appealing to your target audience, whoever they may be.

We compiled a list of web design trends for 2022 that may inspire you to redesign your own website next year.

1. Fewer Images in Website Heroes

Many websites nowadays forgo images in heroes in favor of oversized typography and aesthetically appealing backgrounds.

Utilizing this simple web design approach without bells and whistles to bog down website page speed may result in minimalist websites benefiting from higher views. Studies have shown that the speed at which websites load has a dramatic effect on their views, claiming that most people exit a webpage if it takes longer than two seconds to load. This style of approach also adapts more seamlessly to the mobile web design, requiring less reconfiguring than a busier design approach when adapting to mobile viewing. Beyond functionality, the aesthetic of this bold and stylish trend has become very popular among a myriad of attractive websites.

The company Humain chose to use oversized typography and an interactive color gradient rather than images within its website hero.

Website design for Humain

2. Oversized Typography

Since 2017, typography has been favored in web design over the unappealing tiny text of long paragraphs.

Instead, oversized typography is used to cover entire pages of websites, catching the attention of viewers to express the identity of a business in an attractive and stylish way.

Whether bold, italicized, or underlined, these words are blown and manipulated to carry the weight of a graphic or image itself. This trend has been used in a variety of different ways, expressing messages with interesting fonts, layering text over images and graphics, and even moving across the screen in interactive text animations.

Whether the text is in serif, script, or a series of tiny shapes moving together to create words, the trend of oversized typography has taken over web design and is likely to remain prominent in 2022. 

3. One-page websites

One-page websites are exactly as they sound, a single space designated to express an idea without the clutter or hassle of navigating a series of pages.

While some sites like blogs utilize an infinite scroll to load more content as the bottom of the page nears, this trend has taken off as smaller websites have embraced a limited space to express a single succinct message. A common use for this technique has been resumes and portfolios, the single-page structure working as a landing pad for prospective employers to peruse the creator’s works or credentials. This functional and attractive presentation style can be extremely beneficial to businesses when done well as it is highly digestible for viewers. 

Verre Vert Glass chose to use a single website to promote its wine bottle business, using internal links at the top of the page to automatically scroll to relevant information rather than taking the viewer to separate pages. 

Website design for Verre Vert Glass

4. Gradient Colors

While flat colors and monochromatic minimalism dominated the websites of the past, gradient colors have taken over modern website design.

This trend caught traction in 2016 with Instagram’s logo rebranding, however, it has since become so popular that you can hardly go online without seeing it. 

Whether dark, pastel, or gem toned, the use of color sets the mood for a website. With multiple colors gently blending into one another, gradients are a dynamic way to introduce a concise color palette and set the tone for your website. This look can be bold and playful or gentle and soothing, bringing life and depth to the flat screen. 

The company Stripe utilizes an animated multicolor gradient as well as glass morphism on the website’s front page. 

Website design for Stripe

5. Glassmorphism

Following the trend of numorphism in 2020, 2021 has seen the rise of a new aesthetic trend called glassmorphism.

This trend is defined by the use of translucent shapes over bright and colorful backgrounds, creating the effect of frosted glass panels as the background shows through. The shapes have soft edges that are bordered with shadow, the opacity increasing as multiple panels overlap, creating the illusion of depth. 

This aesthetic is commonly used in conjunction with multicolor gradients and animated backgrounds as the blurred colors are visible behind the panels but are softened enough that text can be overlaid above it. Adopted by both Apple and Microsoft, this design choice gives websites a premium look and is not likely to go anywhere anytime soon. 

The website for Decimal uses multiple glassmorphism panels to express data in a dynamic and aesthetically pleasing way. 

Website design for Decimal

With all of the innovative ways that website design has changed over the years, there are sure to be plenty of new and interesting trends blossoming in 2022. While not every design trend is going to suit every business, refreshing your website with a modern style could help express your brand and reach your target audience. If you are looking to redesign your business’s online presence, check out Island Media and get a free consultation to see how you can improve your website design today.

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