Website Maintenance

How often should I maintain my website?

Consistent and timely maintenance is key to optimal website performance.

Your website requires consistent updates to adjust to the changes and updates that search engines do regularly. Failing to maintain your website is like failing to service your car. What happens to it? It will eventually break down and become unusable.

Website Security

Keep your website safe from hackers!

Get your website data secure and backed up.

We will have your website data backed up and secure, stopping hackers from hijacking your website.

Secure your website
Website Maintenance with Island Media

Website Maintenance with Island Media

You can rest easy knowing your site is secure and well-maintained.

We treat your website like our very own. We'll do full backups, theme and plugin updates, security maintenance and technical error reparations every month.

Secure your website today!

Let's work together to optimise your website performance.

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Why Island Media

Updates On Request
We can support you on any changes you may need for your website.
Technical Error Reparations
We'll do a systems check regularly to spot and fix any errors on your website.
Hosting Assistance
We can liaise with your hosting provider for any issue you may have with your website.
Fair Pricing, No Surprises.
We tailor our services to suit your budget.

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